Court documents: Statements detail what happened during Okemah murder

    Court documents: Statements detail what happened during Okemah murder (KTUL)

    The Okfuskee County Courthouse released an affidavit on Thursday detailing statements from a man and his wife following a murder in Okemah.

    Around 7:30 p.m. on Jan. 5, Anthony Spain called 911 and said his mother-in-law, Teresa Smith, came at him with a knife so he shot her.

    When Okfuskee County deputies got to the home, they found Anthony and his wife, Sabrina Spain. They found Teresa in the living room dead with an apparent gunshot wound to the head.

    Deputies took Anthony to the Okemah Police Department for questioning and Sabrina to the Okfuskee County Sheriff's Office for questioning.

    OSBI came in to investigate. They obtained a search warrant and collected evidence at the scene.

    Detectives noticed Teresa had the gunshot wound to her head, but also another to her rib cage. They found three empty shell casings.

    While interviewing Sabrina, deputies learned that Anthony and Teresa had gotten into a fight while Sabrina and her four children were upstairs.

    Sabrina said she went downstairs and saw Anthony assaulting Teresa on the living room couch. She said she separated them, but they continued to argue.

    Sabrina said Anthony pushed her mother against the living room wall and put his hand on her throat. Sabrina said she separated them again.

    She told deputies Teresa tried to call police but Anthony broke her phone.

    Sabrina said she and Teresa were going to get the children and leave the house. Anthony went upstairs and grabbed his shotgun. Sabrina said he kept muttering, "I didn't want to do this."

    She said Anthony went to the living room where her mom was and pointed the gun at her, but Sabrina intervened. She said Anthony fired the shotgun into the ceiling of the living room, then pointed it at Teresa and fired.

    Sabrina said he stood over Teresa and shot her in the head.

    Sabrina got all her children and dropped them off at a family member's home then returned to the scene.

    When Anthony spoke to police, he told a slightly different.

    He said he'd been drinking at a friend's house before going home. When he got back, he and Teresa got into a fight.

    Anthony said she pushed him and he defended himself by pushing her onto the living room couch. He said Teresa scratched him on his arms, then Sabrina intervened.

    They continued to argue. Anthony said Teresa threatened to call family members to take care of him. He said he went upstairs to his bedroom closet and got his 12-gauge shotgun to defend himself.

    Anthony said he carried the gun downstairs and Teresa was still in the living room. He said he fired a shot into the ceiling to get her to leave.

    Anthony said Teresa raised her hand up and he saw something shiny in her hand, so he fired the shotgun knocking her to the ground.

    He remembered shooting at Teresa twice. Then Sabrina took their children and left the house.

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