Coyotes are a problem in the heart of midtown

Laura Colgan took video of a large, adult coyote casually eating something in her backyard at two in the afternoon (KTUL)

People who live near 41st Street and Delaware Avenue have seen coyotes regularly and are worried about their pets.

The animals are quite at home as they drink from swimming pools and kill pets.

Laura Colgan took video of a large, adult coyote casually eating something in her backyard at two in the afternoon. She said she'd never seen one so at ease.

Colgan worries about her pets and the area's young children.

Colgan said, "I've told a couple people that have small children. I don't know what a coyote would do, but you surely don't want to have that opportunity."

Their presence surprises a lot of people because they are miles from any open land.

Part of the problem is that the neighborhood is part of the Joe Creek watershed. There are creek channels running for miles to the southwest, to the Arkansas River, at 81st and Riverside, and the animals can use them like a highway.

A woman who grew up in the neighborhood said coyotes are a new development.

"We lived in our backyard. That's what's great about these big lots, is for kids to run around. But I never remember coyotes," said Ashleigh Boedeker.

Since she moved back to the area, she's seen the animals sunning themselves on her back lawn and two adult coyotes with three puppies.

Coyotes once appeared in Boedeker's yard while a party was underway, but they weren’t the least bit intimidated by the activity.

Colgan said they'd like to keep them away from their homes and get them to relocate.

Tulsa County Game Warden Brandon Fulton said coyotes are tough to deal with, but this is a good time of the year to try.

Fulton said easy natural foods, like insects, frogs and lizards are disappearing with the cold weather. So, homeowners should remove any food sources, including pets, that run loose.

They should also cut down any tall grass or brush that could provide shelter for the coyotes.

Live traps are also an option, but he noted that coyotes are difficult to trap. So, having any success may take a big investment of time and effort.

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