Crews battled back to back water main breaks in Pawhuska

Crews battled back to back water main breaks in Pawhuska (KTUL)

When duty calls it doesn’t matter how cold it is outside.

"We had the crews come in really early," said Mark Chamberlain, Pawhuska's Superintendent for the Water and Sewer Department. "They started isolating the area by turning valves off."

Crews started working on a six-inch water main break in town over the weekend. Then just hours later, there was another busted pipe -- this one much bigger, flooding and freezing most neighborhoods.

"We pulled into the driveway and our entire front lawn was completely flooded," said neighbor, Lynn Callahan. "The water was just rushing all the way down. We were frozen, we didn't have any water. I didn't know what I was going to do."

As crews worked fast to fix the issue, the extreme cold slowed them down.

"We had one piece of equipment freeze up and it broke some hydraulic lines," said Chamberlain. "It slowed us down for about an hour, we had to go get a second piece of equipment. The crews had to watch where they were water because there was water all over the place. "

The hard work paid off, and now water is back on once again. All in all, costing $4,000 in repairs.

Chamberlain urges the community to use this as a lesson, when the weather gets bitter cold, watch out for your pipes.

"We always recommend that you have that faucet dripping, especially if it's on the wall of a building," said Chamberlain. "It cost just pennies to have the faucet drip versus hundreds of dollars if the line breaks and they have to have a plumber come in."

Pawhuska Public Schools canceled classes Monday due to the water main breaks. With the problem fixed, students are expected back in class tomorrow.

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