Crutcher family on 'not guilty' verdict: Terence was the real victim

Tiffany Crutcher and her family address the media.

Following the announcement of Betty Shelby's not guilty verdict, Terence Crutcher's family gave a statement on the eighth floor of the court to the media.

"Jojo, that lady killed my daddy," said Terence Crutcher's father. "And in response to that, I told her God is still in control, and you remember that. I have four grandchildren that are home now without their daddy."

He continued by saying that he believes Shelby got away with murder.

Crutcher Family Remarks FULL

Then, the crowd chanted "hands up, don't shoot," while Dr. Tiffany Crutcher, Terence's sister took the position in front of the crowd.

"All the elements of manslaughter was there. Terence's hands were up. Terence did not attack her, Terence did not charge her. Terence was not the aggressor, Betty Shelby was the aggressor," Tiffany Crutcher said.

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She said the trial exposed a cover-up, tacking on to what she said earlier in the day while the jury was deliberating.

"All of the officers of the Tulsa Police Department tried to cover for her," she continued, saying that a cover-up was exposed, and while officers comforted Shelby, her brother lay dying alone in the street. She said she believes in a higher power, which will judge the officers involved.

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"I promise you I won't rest until we break that chain," she said, mentioning that she now has to go home to his children and explain to them a justice system which she says has perpetuated such an injustice.

The family concluded by saying Terence Crutcher was the real victim, and they feel like due process was not served.

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