Cushing helps seniors prepare for extreme cold

Cushing helps seniors prepare for extreme cold (KTUL)

There comes a time in life when you can't get around like you once could.

That's where a tiny bus in Cushing, Oklahoma comes in.

The City of Cushing offers free bus service to seniors to help them get around and get the things they need.

But on Wednesday and Thursday, they're extending those hours.

They're hoping that with cold weather looming, this will give seniors the extra time they need to get out and get the things they need before it gets too cold.

There are dozens of seniors who depend on this bus every day, and they say that extra time is golden.

People like Vickie Carr.

"Carr, but I don't have one," said Carr.

She'll be one of many taking advantage of the extra hours.

"Tomorrow I'm going to run out to the store and get some stuff for the weekend," said Carr.

And for Patsie McLaughlin, who said seniors are sometimes overlooked when severe weather threatens.

"Especially we old people. I'm 91," said McLaughlin.

"Oh, it's wonderful," said Susan Nutt, who suffers from a lung disease that makes it difficult to get out, especially when the weather is bad.

Sometimes, she says it's not a problem.

"I just moved in this apartment over the weekend, and it's right behind the Dollar Tree," said Nutt.

But she said she'll need this bus when she needs to stock up and get ready for the cold.

Cushing Police Chief Tully Folden said while they don't know for certain just how bad the weather will be, they want to make sure the needs of seniors in their town are met.

"Whether that be medical needs, doctors appointments, medication that they may need to get filled. Obviously, go to the grocery store and get food they may need," said Folden.

The bus service is open to all Cushing residents 55 years of age and older.

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