Cushing middle school teacher arrested for allegedly soliciting sex with student

Seth Swaim (Courtesy Stillwater Police Department)

A teacher at Cushing Middle School is in jail after police say he attempted to solicit sex with a student through social media.

The parents of a 13-year-old student contacted the Cushing Police Department on Oct. 8 to report their daughter had been contacted by a teacher through Snapchat.

According to Cushing police, teacher Seth Swaim, 24, asked the teen to send him sexually explicit photos and asked her to meet him at a local park.

Swaim also allegedly asked the girl to go home with him afterward.

The Cushing Police Department contacted the Stillwater Police Department for assistance from the city's cyber crimes task force.

From there, a detective from the Stillwater Police Department then joined the investigation.

Officers from both departments took over the victim's Snapchat account and began communicating with Swaim while pretending to be the teen, police say.

Swaim allegedly agreed to meet the teen and was arrested shortly after arriving at the park.

Swaim was arrested on one count of soliciting sexual conduct with a minor by use of technology.

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