Dept. of Health ending funding for over 30 programs due to budget constraints

Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH)

The Oklahoma State Department of Health has ended funding for over 30 programs due to budget contraints.

The department announced Oct. 16 that they have notified contractors for Federally Qualified Health Centers and Oklahoma Child Abuse Prevention programs that they would no longer have state funding. The move comes as the agency makes cuts after $215 million of the state budget was lost due to an unconstitutional "tobacco cessation" fee.

In total, 25 FQHC programs and nine OCAP programs will lose funding. The agency expects to save $3 million in the move. The department reports that FQHC contracts brought reimbursement for medical expenses not covered by insurance. Contractors with OCAP brought home visitation programs to Oklahoma. The funding will end at the beginning of fiscal year 2018.

The department has also implemented furloughs for all employees making over $35,000 in an attempt to cut costs.

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