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Dogs Attack Woman in Okmulgee County

Woman Attack My Dogs
Woman Attack My Dogs
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The sheriff in Okmulgee is pushing for charges, after a woman claims she was attacked by a group of dogs. The attack happened on the south end of Okmulgee on Wednesday afternoon.

Just the bark is enough to frighten neighbors of a possible bite after what happened. Kimberly Collins says she is scared for her family.

"You bet I am. I mean I can't even let my grandson come out here and play," said Collins, who says she was attacked after coming to check on her sister, who has cancer.

"I was in bed not feeling well. My sister come over to check on me," said Billie Golightly, who is going through chemotherapy treatments and dealing with fatigue.

Collins described what happened, "There was one dog at first and then it was all of sudden. I don't know where they came from tons of dogs."

Collins says there were 8 dogs surrounding her and says two of the dogs left bite marks and scratches. Their dog, Baby, came to the rescue.

"They got off me and started chasing her," recalls Collins.

The sister, inside didn't hear the attack. "I had no idea. I didn't hear her scream, until I heard the gunshot," said Golightly.

The gun shot came from a deputy, who arrived on scene and followed the pack of dogs to the fence next door.

"One of the dogs did come out of the fence and came at him aggressively. So one of the animals did have to be put down," said Sheriff Eddie Rice of Okmulgee County.

The sheriff says there are no leash laws in the county and he says there are up to 18-dogs on the property. He says they've had other calls, but this time, the owner could face a misdemeanor charge for allowing a vicious dog to roam

"The owner of the dog was called and they repaired the fence and now we are just trying to see how we can get this situation resolved to thin out some of the dogs at this location," said Rice.

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