Dozens come together to help empower, restore north Tulsa

    Dozens come together to help empower, restore north Tulsa (KTUL)

    TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- Dozens came together with one goal in mind, make north Tulsa better.

    Thursday night, the Dream Center held a fundraiser to benefit the lives of thousands of north Tulsans.

    It wasn’t easy to get where Tim Newton is today.

    “Not having much, not having quality education from the public schools that were serving me,” he said.

    The exact place Newton is now serving as program director, is what helped him become who he is.

    “Someone did it for me, so i should do it for someone else,” he said.

    The Tulsa Dream Center was created nearly 20 years ago with a goal to empower and restore north Tulsa through faith and education.

    “Education, it does break the cycle of poverty,” Newton said.

    Newton says the money that comes from fundraisers like this gives medical care to families and the education they need to be successful.

    “When they go off to college and come back and are able to make an impact in the community because they are educated, because they are making wages that are livable and that will really turn our community around,” he said.

    Recent studies show the life expectancy in parts of north Tulsa is 11 years lower than other parts of the city.

    “We want north Tulsa to live longer, we want north Tulsa to flourish and rise above its current state,” Executive Director Aaron Johnson said.

    Johnson says Thursday’s fundraiser is the momentum to bring a better way of life to the thousands who live just on the other side of Tulsa.

    “We are all about getting those people to get to the next level,” Johnson said.

    He says it can’t be done without the help from our entire city.

    You can find more information on the Dream Center here.

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