Dozens gather in courthouse seeking justice in Betty Shelby case

Betty Shelby trial

The courthouse was packed from the start of Betty Shelby's manslaughter trial. That was especially true on Wednesday when dozens of jurors were stuck outside a packed courtroom.

Shelby is on trial for manslaughter after shooting and killing Terence Crutcher in September 2016. Some of Wednesday's supporters are a group of Terence Crutcher supporters who planned a rally, calling for justice as the jury deliberated.

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But justice means something different to everyone.

"Justice for me is the proper verdict being rendered on the facts of the case and not based on emotions or feelings," B. Christopher Pierce said.

To most of the people standing outside of the courthouse, justice meant a guilty verdict against Shelby.

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"We have witnessed people attack police with their car and be taken into custody. We have witnessed people flash weapons or fire weapons and be taken into custody. This man had no weapon and he is dead," Dr. J.M. Phipps Jr. said.

Others outside the courthouse gathered in support of Shelby, holding signs that read "ISWB."

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The people in the courthouse are looking for change on all ends of the spectrum. Pierce, for one, says racism has to stop.

"There is no understanding of the plight we go through on a daily basis," Pierce said.

Jasper says policies need to be changed and involvement needs to increase.

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"Citizens have to be involved in the democracy," Jasper said. "It doesn't work until citizens consistently go to the houses and institutions of the city and determine and demand what justice looks like and what they want to see."

Shelby was found not guilty after nine hours of jury deliberations.

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