Dozens of animals, many sick and malnourished, rescued from Skiatook home

    Dozens of animals rescued from Skiatook home, many look malnourished (KTUL)

    SKIATOOK, Okla. (KTUL) -- A case of animal cruelty in Skiatook is sparking outrage. Dozens of animals were rescued from a home and most looked like they were malnourished and needed care.

    It took hours to get every dog, horse and pig loaded up.

    The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, with the help from two animal rescues were able to take 28 horses, three of which were pregnant, two pigs, nine dogs and a litter of puppies.

    “To see any animal suffering or being in conditions we wouldn’t put our own animals in, yeah, that is very emotional,” Ashley Villines with the Humane Society said.

    Villines says the dogs looked mostly healthy.

    “But the conditions they are living in are right behind us,” she said... trash, worn down fences and more trash.

    “There are bones laying around; carcasses in the back. There is a clear over-breeding going on over here,” Natalee Cross with Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue said.

    It's heartbreaking for any animal lover to see and to the sheriff’s office; it's a violation of the law.

    “There wasn’t adequate food, shelter or water and for the state of Oklahoma that is required if you are going to own and care for these animals,” communications director Casey Roebuck said.

    Roebuck says they’ve already been out to this home twice just this week.

    Over they weekend, they attempted to rescue one of the horses from a frozen pond.

    That kicked off the investigation.

    “There was no fresh water that the animals had access to that we could see,” Roebuck said. “Her defense was that she thought they were wild and could break through the ice to get water.”

    That will no longer be a problem, though. The animals are now getting the help they need and deserve.

    The sheriff’s office will have all of the animals examined by a veterinarian and then will turn the investigation over to the district attorney’s office.

    Both rescue groups say they will need help caring for these animals. You can find more information from the Humane Society and/or Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue.

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