Dozens of car break-ins around Rogers County

Dozens of cars stolen, burglarized in Rogers County (KTUL)

ROGERS COUNTY, Okla., (KTUL) -- At least a dozen cars have been stolen or broken into in Rogers County within the last week.

It’s a crime that’s left Kelly Kirby feeling violated. Thieves took several items from her car in her Verdigris neighborhood; when Kirby realized items were missing, she called the police.

"There was somebody in my car in my driveway when my kids were sleeping," Kirby said. "I was taking the kiddos to school, and I walked out, and I opened my car, and it was just completely ransacked."

Many in Rogers County are victims of the same crime.

Sheriff Scott Walton says there's been an increase in car burglaries this year.

"Auto theft, up until a couple of years ago, was almost unheard of in Rogers County," Walton said.

The sheriff's office released images of the suspects to Channel 8.

"There's two kinds of people," Walton said. "People who work and obtain things the right way, and I think there's thugs that steal people's belongings that have worked for them."

The car burglaries in Rogers County are mainly in the Verdigris and Oologah areas.

Sheriff Walton doesn’t yet know if these crimes are the work of one group or multiple groups, but he's hoping he can catch whoever might be responsible.

Walton says in most of the burglaries, the car doors have been locked, and the best way to avoid becoming a target is to not keep valuables in plain sight.

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