Driveway entrances finally replaced after 2-year saga

Driveway entrances replaced after 2-year saga (KTUL)

It's been nearly two years.

"I have never seen anything like it in my life," said State Rep. Regina Goodwin back in January of 2017, responding to seniors citizens living in the newly built Cherokee Meadows development and contending with dubious driveways.

"We don't have a driveway; all you see is curb," said 84 year-old Ms. Shaw who demonstrated the challenge.

"When somebody comes to pick me up, I gotta put my cane here and come down."

Now, 22 months later, the driveways are finally being replaced. "This is such a long time coming," said Rep. Goodwin.

"It has been non-stop effort for two years. Every week, we've had something to do with this issue," she said.

"Oh, thank the Lord! We finally got normal driveways," said resident Earlene Ross. For her, the old driveways were a daily obstacle.

"When you're pulling in, you had to go sideways so you wouldn't tear your front end up," she said.

To get to this point has not been easy, with various agencies involved and a mountain of red tape as steep as the old curbs.

"We got here through persistence. We got here because we had to fight for our seniors," said Goodwin.

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