Drumright schools get serious about dealing with bed bugs

    Drumright schools get serious about dealing with bed bugs (KTUL

    Yet another school district has been hit with a bed bug scare.

    The situations are happening with an alarming frequency and disrupting classwork all over the state.

    On Friday all, the Drumright schools were closed for the day.

    They wanted the buildings to be empty, so they could inspect for evidence of bed buds.

    The district’s superintendent said it was largely a precautionary move after a few bugs were recently found in backpacks.

    Superintendent Ashley Davis said a total of four small bugs were found in two backpacks, so the classrooms where they were located were emptied out and treated.

    She added that they’re aren’t certain the insects were bed bugs, but they don’t want to take any chances.

    Davis said, “Although we have not found anything significant, we want to take safety measures and precautions to make sure we're on top of the issues, before it becomes a bigger problem.”

    One exterminator was brought in to inspect the buildings and he went to work with a bug-sniffing dog.

    It is specially trained to react if it smells bed bugs.

    Some parents have expressed their displeasure on social media, but others are glad it’s being addressed.

    Amanda Lankford said, “I just hope they get rid of the problem so neither one of my children bring it home to the house. Because I don’t want that at my house.”

    Bug-sniffing dogs aren’t cheap, but high school senior Shawn Himes said he’s glad the schools are taking the issue seriously.

    Himes said, “Even though Drumright doesn't have a lot of money, it’s still a really good thing that they're doing that. Especially for the protection of the kids who don't want to get that kind of stuff."

    As a precaution, backpacks and blankets will be kept out of the buildings.

    Coats will also be kept in lockers to limit the chances of transferring bugs that could be brought from homes in the future.

    Material is also being sent home and given to staff members to instruct everyone about dealing with the parasites.

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