DUI Lawyer: Don't drink and ride motorized scooter

    DUI Lawyer: Don't drink and ride motorized scooter (KTUL)

    Electric scooters are all the rage these days.

    And now, with two scooter companies in town, you can catch a glimpse of one just about everywhere you look.

    But when it comes to the law, there are some things you should know before you hop on one and ride.

    "You can get a DUI on one of these," said Bruce Edge with Edge Law Firm.

    Edge, who specializes in DUI cases, said since the scooters are motorized, they qualify as a motor vehicle.

    Meaning if you drink before riding, you could get a ticket.

    "It's not a toy, you need to think of it as falling under the definition of a motor vehicle," said Edge.

    People we spoke with think it's a good idea.

    "If they're going to drink, it's kind of like they're driving, and they just need to Uber home, regardless if they chose this or not," said Lacey Woodring, who was using one of the scooters in downtown on Friday.

    One more thing. You may be tempted to ride these scooters on the sidewalk, but Edge said don't do it.

    "That may seem safe, but it's not where they're supposed to be. They're actually supposed to be in the road just like a bicycle," said Edge.

    Edge says if you're caught riding on the sidewalk, you could be ticketed.

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