Edison parents prepare to meet over "climate" issues

The Edison PTA is holding a meeting to address “climate” issues at the school. (KTUL)

The Edison PTA is holding a meeting to address “climate” issues at the school. This meeting comes just days after a teacher was accused of throwing desks around a classroom. Recently, two students were accused of breaking into the building and groping a janitor.

“I think we have a very involved group of parents. I think when they see issues they can try to help, they want to step in,” explained teacher, John Croisant.

He says the staff has been invited to be a part of the meeting parents are holding. But we found out, the district Superintendent, Dr. Deborah Gist, has not been included.

“I wasn’t invited to the meeting,” said Gist.

Shawna Mott Wright, of the Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association, says she believes the climate is an issue because of students and lack of discipline.

“The problems in the culture and climate, stem from lack of student consequences, lack of student accountability and responsibility,” said Mott-Wright.

Dr. Gist says there have been some changes in the way classrooms are managed.

“But it doesn’t mean there is a removal of consequences. There are absolutely consequences, but that we are working to teach students how to make better choices,” said Gist.

The PTA president said in a message to parents that the meeting will be open for discussion, with the hope to “come up with an action plan to present to Edison and TPS administration.”

The meeting will be held at the Fellowship Congregational Church at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday.

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