Elementary students first to see portion of Gathering Place

Gathering Place

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) We are just months away from a portion of "A Gathering Place for Tulsa" opens, but the first eyes on the park will be your kids.

School tours start next month, and Hamilton Elementary students will be one of the first to visit.

Every day they are busy learning in the classroom, but in just a few weeks they will take what they are learning and put it to use outside at the Gathering Place.

"I am really excited for the opportunities the Gathering Place will provide in terms of reading opportunities, writing opportunities, just general creativity opportunities," first-grade teacher Emily Miller said.

Miller watches and teaches her students in the classroom every day.

"But in reality, what we really want to see is how it plays out in the real world," Miller said.

Miller is already working on plans to show students how their skills work outside during their big field trip to the Gathering Place.

"By drawing on it to use as evidence, drawing on it by using it as a personal connection and I find that it can strengthen interpersonal relationships because it is a shared experience that they can talk about," Miller said.

Principal Tera Carr got an inside look at the Gathering Place.

"Going to see the Gathering Place was like going to see a theme park," Carr said. "It is beautiful, it is engaging, there is so much for people."

The Gathering Place is nearly 100 acres of new experiences and learning opportunities for students with big imaginations.

"We know that experience is deep in student learning and understanding and so the Gathering Place is really creating a free space where our students will have that opportunity here in Tulsa," Carr said.

A portion of the Gathering Place is expected to open to the public in late Spring or Summer.

The Gathering Place is looking for volunteers to help during the school tours.

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