EMSA medic who falsely claimed black man stabbed him placed on unpaid leave

EMSA medic who falsely claimed black man stabbed him placed on unpaid leave (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- The EMSA paramedic who falsely claimed a black man stabbed him in the bathroom of a north Tulsa QuikTrip has been put on unpaid administrative leave.

Police later found the paramedic stabbed himself.

It happened at the QuikTrip near the Gilcrease Expressway.

"It's very shocking and very concerning," said Sgt. Shane Tuell with Tulsa police. "Why they did this, or why they felt the need to do this, I don't know. We may never know."

Tulsa police said once crime scene detectives watched surveillance video and looked at evidence, they found out the paramedic stabbed himself.

Tuell said they deal with false reports a lot but not typically with paramedics.

"It's a very serious crime, and we have a lot of response that we do that can endanger citizens and officers and taxpayers' money for false police reports," said Tuell.

Police aren't investigating the stabbing, but EMSA said they are doing their own investigation to get more information on what happened.

"This is a very isolated incident," said Adam Pakluka, Director of Public Affairs for EMSA. "We are taking care of what we need to take care of internally, and we are still proud to serve the City of Tulsa and surrounding communities. And we have lots of great medics that do exceptional work every day."

EMSA said they couldn't tell us the employee's name or any other other information.

They did say the employee has been with EMSA for less than a year.

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