Enrollment period ends Thursday for Tulsa, Broken Arrow EMS services


Thursday is the last day to opt in or out of Emergency Medical Service plans in Tulsa and Broken Arrow.


Tulsa utility customers can opt in or out of EMSAcare for the next year. The program covers the costs of emergency medical ambulance transport for all permanent members of households that participate, according to the City of Tulsa.

The program costs $5.45 per month and is added to your regular utility bill. Enrolling in the program means you won't have to pay any additional out-of-pocket costs for emergency ambulance services, even if you don't have health insurance.

If you are already enrolled in the program, you do not have to do anything to stay enrolled. If you are not enrolled but would like to be, call the city's customer care center at 918-596-9511 or go to You can also cancel your EMSAcare service by phone or online.


The enrollment period for LifeRide also ends Thursday.

The program costs $5.45 per month ($7.50 per month if you live outside city limits), but members with health insurance do not pay any out-of-pocket costs for ambulance services. LifeRide members without health insurance will get a 40 percent discount on any ambulance bills, which average around $1,500.

If you don't want to participate in LifeRide, you can opt-out by filling out a nonparticipation form and sending it to Utility Customer Service. You can complete the form at the Utility Customer Service office at 116 E. Dallas St. in Broken Arrow.

If you have questions, call 918-259-6595.

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