Family friends say constant bullying caused Skiatook teen to take his own life

    Family friends say constant bullying caused Skiatook teen to take his own life

    SKIATOOK, Okla. (KTUL) -- A Skiatook teen takes his own life and those close to him say it’s because he was bullied.

    Logan Moore was just 14-years old.

    “This is a life that shouldn’t be gone," said family friend Adam Stang.

    Today, Stang is speaking on behalf of Logan’s family.

    “It’s a life that mattered and had value," said Stang.

    Logan’s family pulled him out of school last year because of bullying.

    “At one point, the kids started calling him Maui from the movie 'Moana,' and because of who he was he didn’t like that, didn’t understand why they were making fun of him," said Stang.

    Logan began studying at home, but Adam says the bullying continued.

    "He was a large kid for his age; he was tall and thick shouldered, and his size was an easy target, unfortunately," said Stang.

    Relentless name calling that began in the hallways, turned to video games, and made its way to social media.

    Stang says sometime over Saturday night, Logan went into the Osage Prairie trails in Skiatook and took his own life.

    Skiatook Public Schools could not provide any paperwork of past bullying, nor could they confirm if Logan was ever enrolled with the district.

    “You can’t prepare for losing something as valuable and as precious as a child," said Stang.

    The family shared photos of the teen today.

    “It's really, really difficult to help anyone try and deal with losing a child over something that doesn’t matter," said Stang, and telling his story, so that no other family has to face the same pain.

    Logan’s family is planning a funeral this Friday, but they’re having trouble covering the unexpected cost.

    If you’d like to help, visit the funeral home website.

    Click here for more information and resources to combat bullying.

    #BullyingIsNotOK is a campaign to fight bullying in Green Country. In partnership with Tulsa's Anti-Bullying Collaboration and Route 66 Chevrolet and Nissan, KTUL is raising awareness in our community about the importance of bullying prevention.

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