Family, neighbors reeling from fatal house fire in Wagoner

Family, neighbors reeling from fatal house fire in Wagoner (KTUL)

Jerome Brown is struggling as he comes to grips with the loss of his cousin, Derek, in a fatal house fire early Friday morning.

"We will do the best we can to pull together and get through this," said Brown.

His cousin's house is now charred and smoldering after flames sparked just after midnight.

"I just pray that he died of smoke inhalation instead of being burnt up by the fire," said Brown. "The way that fire was burning, I felt the fire from a block away."

Brown isn't the only one reeling. His neighbor, Devon Kama, of 20 years is also in pain.

"We'll never forget him," said Kama. "He's been a friend since day one. He was awesome and always real easy to get a long with. This is heart- breaking."

Crews got on scene just after midnight. The winds at times making this task even harder.

Officials say they found the man dead in the back of the house. The Fire Marshall stayed on scene most of the afternoon, trying to piece together how this all started.

While it might take some time, the family is now trying to move on.

"My heart goes out to all of them," said Kama.

"We're going to shed some tears and go through the pain, but we're going to make it," said Brown.

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