Family talks about losing 2 brothers in double murder

Family talks about losing 2 brothers in double murder (KTUL)

It's a completely different sight at the Midtown Village Shopping Center at Interstate 44 and Yale Avenue, where just hours ago, police and caution tape covered the parking lot.

Two Muskogee brothers, Keith and Glenn Williams, shot to death.

"That was my last parent," said Glenn's son, Glenn Williams, Jr. "I have no more parents; I just feel a bit empty."

Williams, Jr. lives in Minneapolis. He says he hasn't eaten or slept as he comes to terms with the loss of his dad and uncle.

"I know my dad was a good guy," said Williams, Jr. "This is a bit difficult."

According to Tulsa police, the Williams brothers were supervisors of a cleaning crew. The workers were at the shopping center Wednesday night when they noticed a suspicious car lingering in the lot. So, they called the brothers to check it out.

"Those two guys came out, and apparently, the occupants of the suspicious vehicle shot and killed them," said Sgt. Brandon Watkins with the Tulsa Police Department.

Officers found multiple shell casings at the scene and the shooter got away.

Sgt. Watkins says rather than calling on the brothers for help, the workers should have called 911.

"It's better to call us and let us take the risk," said Watkins. "It's better to let us do it than have someone end up like this."

Police interviewed several witnesses and were able to get some suspect information, but they aren't going into details of what that information is. Williams, Jr. says that's OK, whatever police have to do to find his father and uncle's killer.

"It's not going to bring my dad back; it's not going to bring my uncle back," said Williams, Jr. "I just want to know why."

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