Fire crews respond to dozens of kids trapped inside vehicles in past 2 months

hot car pic 3.jpg

The Tulsa Fire Department has responded to 60 pets and 65 children locked inside a hot vehicle in the last two months alone.

Stan May with the fire department said if you're out with your pets or children in the car, do something to remind yourself they're there.

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"Put your wallet, whatever it is you're going to need, your cellphone even," said May. "Put it back there with the child or with the pet, so that you have to crawl back there and remind you of that."

Even if you're not inside a vehicle, it's hot and getting hotter.

May said it's always a good idea to drink up before you head out.

"Start hydrating early," said May. "Don't wait until you get out there and start feeling bad or notice that you're getting dehydrated. It's a little too late then."

He also said to make sure you stay cool and listen to your body.

"When you have had too much, you actually start running out of fluids," said May.

May said when you stop sweating, that's when the real danger begins.

"Get inside where it's air conditioned and call for some help," said May.

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