Fire leaves single mom and her sons homeless

Fire leaves single mom and her sons homeless (KTUL)

A single mother and her two sons with special needs were left homeless after a fire destroyed their home Tuesday morning.

The fire broke out at their home just off Latimer near North Yale in Tulsa.

Rhonda Peterson said she and her two sons and three pets were inside the home at the time.

"My older son came busting down the door, screaming there was a fire, and we needed to get out," said Peterson.

Peterson and her sons grabbed their pets and got out as quickly as they could. Her oldest son burned his hands in the process and was taken to the hospital.

Peterson and her youngest son were left to watch their home burn. Until a chance encounter with a complete stranger.

Stephanie Ware was on her way to work. Instead of passing by, she stopped and gave the Peterson's a lift back to her home where she gave them coats and shoes to wear.

"I had extras, so I figured no reason for them to be sitting in my closet while they're freezing," said Ware.

Ware stayed with the family, comforting them, long after the fire was out.

Peterson said not even her own friends did that.

"She's my guardian angel today for sure," said Peterson.

Even with Ware's help, with no home and no belongings, the Peterson's are left to wonder what they'll do next.

"I have no idea. I have nothing left. Doesn't seem fair," said Peterson.

Ware set up a Gofundme account for the Peterson's.

Ware said the family was left with nothing and could use whatever help they can get.

Investigators have officially ruled the house fire as arson, the fire department says.

No other information has been released by investigators.

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