First hemp harvest in decades comes to Oklahoma

In this Sept. 23, 2014, file photo, a tractor cuts a small plot of hemp at a University of Kentucky research plot near Lexington, Ky. The Oregon Agriculture Department has begun accepting applications to grow industrial hemp, in time for spring planting. Industrial hemp is the cousin of marijuana that doesn't cause a high. AP PHOTO.

Thursday was a big day for the, still very young, hemp industry in Oklahoma. It was the harvest of the first industrial hemp crop in the state since World War II.

The image of traditional farming in Oklahoma could be slowly changing to a hemp farm. The demand for hemp is growing and other farmers are seeing it and wanting a piece of it. Wheat and other crop producers from across the state, as far as Guymon, were at Thursday's harvest ceremony, to learn more about hemp.

"I'm so excited that they can produce a crop that they can quadruple what they could make on wheat and other products." said Herb Suehring, Co-Owner of Herb's Herbs Hemp Farm.

That is the Herb of Herb's Herbs Hemp Farm. He tells me hemp farming's interest is because of the growth in popularity of it's main byproduct CBD oil.

"I'm an avid believer in CBD myself, I'm a user I give it to my pets and we been on it for five years, we have employees on it. Here at Herb's Herbs we believe in CBD as a healthy choice," said Suehring.

And although this maybe be their first harvest, they have big plans for their future and the future of the industry.

"What we see is thousands of acres of Oklahoma farm fields planted with hemp so what we want to do here is produce seedlings or clones as they call them in the industry for those farmers so they can grow their fields," said Jesse Tischauser, Co-Owner of Herb's Herbs Hemp Farm.

For more information on Herb's Herbs Hemp Farm go to their website here or call them at 1-833-HerbsHerbs (1-833-437-2743).

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