Friends of Amber Alert suspect say she was a good mom

Taheerah Ahmad (Tulsa Police Department)

The details are shocking. Why would a mother bound and gag her children, stab one of them multiple times and run off with another?

Tulsa police say that's exactly what 39-year-old Taheerah Ahmad did Monday night.

"I know Tay, and this isn't Tay," said friend Naomi Brown. "This just isn't like her. I never thought in a million years she would do this"

Brown's family owns the house Ahmad lives in and says she was in the process of buying it. She always looked at Ahmad as being a good mom.

"I would bring my kids over and they'd play with her kids and her kids were always happy," said Brown. "She was always happy, too."

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Brown says Ahmad lived at the house in north Tulsa, near Mohawk and Frankfort, with her three daughters for about a year and half. She recalls going over to the house often to fix things around the house and just to check it but never noticed any serious signs of trouble.

"She might have been a little bit not all there, I guess," said Brown. "But no sign of drugs."

With one daughter recovering from stab wounds in the hospital and the other two traumatized from the ordeal, you can't help but wonder why?

As police are piecing it all together, Ahmad’s friends, neighbors and family hope she can get some help.

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