From neighborhoods far, far away, Star Wars fans flock to theaters

From neighborhoods far, far away, Star Wars fans flock to theaters (KTUL)

Star Wars fans came out in force Thursday to see "The Last Jedi," a movie that has been anticipated since last fall.

“It’s just a magical universe,” one fan said. “It’s a good inherent light and dark story that everyone can identify with.”

The popcorn is hot and the fizzy beverages are cold at the theater, but what’s really palpable is the excitement. Many even came in costume for the occasion.

“The characters are so real and the worlds are so immersive,” another said. “I feel like it really lives on throughout the movies.”

These Jedi and Sith remember their first time falling in love with George Lucas’s world.

“It was during the original trilogy because,” said one fan. “That’s when I was raised on Star Wars. One of my earliest memories is seeing 'Episode 3' in theaters.”

“It was actually my dad, too,” says another fan. “It was like my family and I grew up with it; everyone came over and watched Star Wars together, and it was really a community and family event from the start for me.”

The fanbase is unlike anything this world, or others, have ever seen, and it's part of what makes Star Wars so special.

“The stories and the characters are so relatable,” one fan said. “I think it’s easy for people all over the world, no matter what different background you come from, to fall in love with the stories and the characters.”

“There’s nothing as exciting as Star Wars in the movies,” another said. “And you can take it out of the theater. I was playing with action figures when I wasn’t watching the movies. I don’t do that anymore, but…”

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