From school house to State House, teachers getting ready for primaries

From school house to State House, teachers getting ready for primaries (KTUL)

Veteran teachers are continuing a movement to fund education that was started during the Teacher Walkout by running for public office.

John Waldron's kitchen table doubles as his campaign headquarters.

"Yeah, I guess I spend a couple hours a day here at this big ol' table," said Waldron.

Always plugging away, connecting with people and preparing for the upcoming election.

"I've gotten to knock on thousands of doors and had lots of conversations with people," said Waldron. "I learn a lot about what people care about and talk about what I care about."

A Tulsa teacher of more than 20 years is now looking to take a seat in the statehouse for District 77, making education a priority on next Tuesday's ballot.

"I think the only thing we can do to make sure education is protected, is to elect teachers," said Waldron. "Ordinary, plain, hardworking teachers to the legislator."

In another part of Green County, and in another race another teacher veteran is running.

"I do. I do want to do that job," said 30 year teacher veteran, Cyndi Ralston, whose running for District 12. "It doesn't matter if you're a Democrat, Republican, Independent or Libertarian, you want good schools for your children. The resources, the training the support we once had is now gone."

Waldron and Ralston are turning their frustrations into a run for office.

These teachers, along with several others, are continuing a movement, hoping for a real change to Oklahoma education.

"We have the drive to make this state better for the kids," said Ralston. "I am dedicated in making that happen."

"We have real prospects of change for the better in the months to come," said Waldron.

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