Gathering Place and Community Food Bank partnership to help feed hundreds

Gathering Place and Community Food Bank partnership to help feed hundreds (KTUL)

The Gathering Place and the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma are partnering to help in the efforts to feed hundreds of food insecure children and adults in eastern Oklahoma.

“This week was the perfect storm for the Food Bank’s kitchen,” said Jeff Marlow executive chef at the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. “We have several events where we will provide meals, as well as the continuation of Summer Food Service Program that will feed children in the Tulsa area and rural communities, in addition to the other meals we typically prepare for people in need in our community.”

For the past several weeks, Kirk Swaby, Executive Chef at the Gathering Place, utilized the Food Bank kitchen to test menu items.

“We’ve been using the Food Bank’s kitchen for the past two weeks because of the initiatives the Food Bank has of feeding the community,” stated Chef Swaby. “We wanted to align ourselves with a community leader. Also, with the great friendship that I have with Chef Marlow it was a really good fit to do it here until our kitchens were ready to go.”

The Food Bank’s Culinary Center prepares meals from perishable food that would otherwise be thrown away. The meals are distributed where it is needed through area partnerships and direct programs from their Mobile Eatery food trucks.

“The Food Bank is very thankful for the collaboration and partnership with the Gathering Place,” said Marlow. “Chef Swaby has already helped us with our Chefs’ Club fundraising event. They did all their testing and sampling here. Chef Swaby and I have created a friendship and a new bond in the culinary industry. I’m glad we’ve been able to assist them as well.”

As a member of the national Feeding America network, the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma provides the equivalent of over 450,000 meals each week to food insecure children, seniors, veterans and families through its network of 360 Partner Agencies throughout eastern Oklahoma.

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