Gathering Place neighbors hope new signs will alleviate parking on their streets

Gathering Place neighbors hope new signs will alleviate parking on their streets (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- The Gathering Place has been open less than a week and some neighbors are finding the amount of people parking on their streets is becoming a problem.

Even with designated parking, Joey Toler is still seeing his once quiet street alongside the park fill up with cars.

“During the week it probably hits between 2 or 3 o’clock and then it gets incredibly busy,” he said. “Getting into the street takes quite a while, waiting in the traffic to get to 31st takes quite a while. I’m having to find different routes to get in here and it stays about 10, 11 o’clock.”

While many are putting up signs and cones as a deterrent, Renee Gates is doing her best to enjoy the park in all of its glory.

“This is what the park is for and this is why we are going to be in our forever house,” she said.

But the chaos of people trying to find a spot makes her evening strolls with kids to the park a little more dangerous.

“Slow down,” said Gates. “There’s kids. We have a lot of new guests here but it’s kind of frustrating when you have an empty parking lot and they are parking here, where we can’t get in and out of our drives.”

Hearing their concern, Maple Ridge Neighbors’ President Cullen Koger has been working on a solution.

“When you have parking on both sides it creates kind of a bottle neck, unintended one way traffic,” he said. “It’s also difficult for emergency vehicles to pass through.”

In a joint effort with TPD and the Gathering Place, Koger said the city has agreed to put up “no parking on this side” signs in the area.

“It really is more of a holistic parking strategy,” he said. “For us it really is making sure we create a safer environment for everyone.”

Toler is hopeful it’ll make his neighborhood quiet again. He said despite the parking issues he loves this park.

“It’s probably the best park in the country,” he said. “I do think the new direction they’re going with no parking signs will help tremendously as long as people pay attention to them, I’m glad that they are going to be here.”

Koger said the signs should be up within the next two or three weeks.

Right now, the city is making those signs and will start putting them up as soon as they can.

Tulsa Police have identified the streets heavily affected after the parks opening weekend and will be placing the signs in those locations.

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