Gentner Drummond concedes to Mike Hunter in Republican AG runoff

    Attorney General Mike Hunter and Gentner Drummond. (KOKH)

    TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- Tulsa attorney Gentner Drummond has conceded in his bid for the Republican nomination for Oklahoma attorney general.

    Drummond went face to face with sitting AG Mike Hunter Tuesday. Unofficial results at the end of the night had Hunter ahead by less than 300 votes.

    After the provisional ballot numbers came in, Drummond opted to concede instead of calling for a recount.

    "I hoped for the opportunity to serve our state as its attorney general," said Drummond. "I was encouraged that when we won the popular vote yesterday, in yesterday's election, but it wasn't enough to prevail."

    Drummond said the margin was "historically close," and after considering whether to seek a recount he decided instead to concede.

    "The upcoming elections are critically important for the future of Oklahoma, and a statewide recount would simply serve as a prolonging distraction," said Drummond, adding that he has given Hunter his support.

    Following the concession, Hunter expressed appreciation.

    "Whatever our differences may have been, we share common goals and vision for the state and for the attorney general's office," said Hunter. "Protecting Oklahoma families, defending our way of life and standing up against outsiders who seek to do us harm. Those are the guiding principles my office has stood behind and that will continue to be our magnetic north."

    Hunter said that a statewide recount would have been "oppressive" to his office and distracted him from his general election campaign.

    "The role of the attorney general's office is not a partisan role. Criminals don't discriminate between Republicans, Democrats and Independents when they prey on the vulnerable," said Hunter.

    Hunter will now meet Democrat Mark Myles in the November general election.

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