Glacier Confection expanding downtown operation, opening new store in Utica Square

Glacier Confection expanding downtown operation, opening new store in Utica Square (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- Just in time for the holidays, two new chocolate shops are opening in Tulsa. Glacier Confection is expanding its operation downtown on Archer Street and into the building that Russell Stover Chocolates occupied for more than 50 years at trendy Utica Square.

Owner Bill Copeland is excited to sell his chocolates in Utica Square.

"We're sitting at the entrance of a fabulous facility that we fit very well into," said Copeland. "So we're super excited."

Copeland likes to call himself Glacier's CCO, chief chocolate officer. When the Utica Square store opens Thanksgiving Day, it'll be filled with more than 100 varieties of chocolates.

This is another big move for Copeland and Glacier Confection. He opened his chocolate factory three years ago inside a 50 ,000-square-foot warehouse near 11th and Sheridan. And Glacier has been selling the sweets out of a small storefront on Brady in the Tulsa Arts District.

But the Utica Square shop is just part of Copeland's expanding chocolate empire. He's extremely proud of his other new store. Copeland calls the Archer Building store with its floor to ceiling glass walls and quartz counter tops eye-candy for his candy. It'll be far more than chocolates, pastries and gelatos. There's also a full bar for cocktails, educational tours on the chocolate making process and classes where you can make your own chocolates.

"We believe this is going to be an experience," said Copeland. "This is an immersion into chocolate. People can buy a chocolate bar anywhere. But here they can learn about it ."

A new store downtown and in Utica Square. Glacier's CCO is betting he's not the only one who loves chocolate.

"It's fun," said Copeland. "Chocolate 's fun. People happy coming in, happy going out."

Glacier Confection will open its store in Utica Square on Thanksgiving evening coinciding with the lights-on ceremony. Its new store on Archer will open after the first of the year.

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