Governor Fallin applauds Senate revenue package, urges action from House

Governor Fallin speaks Nov. 6 after Oklahoma Senators voted to pass a revenue package that includes an increase in the GPT. (KOKH)

Oklahoma's governor congrulated Republicans and Democrats for compromising on a revenue package that passed through the state Senate Monday.

The Oklahoma Senate passed HB 1035X with a 35-7 vote. The bill includes a $1.50 cigarette tax increase, a six cent fuel tax increase an alcohol consumption tax, was amended to include an increase in the Gross Production Tax. The bill puts an increase of the tax of four percent for 36 months on new wells and two percent on legacy wells.

"I want to applaud the Republicans and Democrats in the Senate for passing what we call plan A plus which had the GPT," Fallin said.

Fallin said the bill will help bring stability to the state's budget as they go into another deficit next year.

"It is time to bring our session to an end and show the people of Oklahoma that leadership at the Capitol will lead and will take care of our fellow oklahomans," Fallin said.

The governor then urged the Oklahoma House to put the bill up on the board for a vote. The House had previously passed legislation considered "plan b" which features one time appropriations of money from several funds. One of those bills, HB 1081X, was approved by the Senate. Fallin confirmed that she had passed the bill, which sends $23 million from the state's Rainy Day Fund to the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

Moody's Investor Service issued a "credit negative" warning for Oklahoma on Monday. Fallin said this will hurt the state's ability to fund core services.

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