Governor Fallin says Board of Health should rescind last-minute medical marijuana rules

Governor Fallin issues statement on AG's call to amend medical marijuana rules (KTUL)

Governor Mary Fallin issued a statement on Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter's instruction to Board of Health to amend medical marijuana rules:

Because the public didn’t have ample time to weigh in with their concerns on the two last-minute amendments, the Board of Health should rescind them. My office has received calls and emails since last week’s board action, with most addressing those two amendments. My legal staff and I are analyzing other points made in the attorney general’s legal letter to see what other action might be necessary.
I want Oklahomans to know that dedicated state employees are working hard to put a process in place that will provide a medical framework with public health and safety as the main priority. State Question 788 was written with a 30-day implementation deadline. It is unfortunate there was not more consideration given by proponents of SQ 788 as to how challenging it is to place such a quick turnaround on a very complicated subject. However, the state will carry out the responsibility of administering this law.
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