Governor Stitt signs 'Constitutional Carry' bill into law

    Governor Stitt signs 'Constitutional Carry' bill into law

    Just three weeks from start to finish, the "Constitutional Carry" bill has a new nickname for the folks who pushed it through.

    "Well, we should have probably renamed it the 'Whiplash Bill,'" said Don Spencer, president of the Second Amendment Association.

    That's cause the speed at which it traveled through the process was stunning. Predictions on what's next?

    "Gun sales will go up, also we're already seeing the list for people wanting training going up because they know they don't have to put a license through the state to carry the gun now," said Spencer.

    "Do I think that there will be some people going out and buying some new handguns? Maybe something smaller, lighter, easier to carry? Yeah, there will probably be for the next six to eight months an increase of especially conceal carry type handguns sold," said Eric Fuson with Trails End Trading Company.

    Meanwhile, a dire prediction from former TPD officer and gun control advocate Rex Berry.

    "More guns in more wrong hands means more gun tragedies means more fear means more guns sold," said Berry.

    "One of the arguments is it's not a gun, it's a mental health issue. Take a look at what our state legislature or our US government has done to fund mental health. It's a BS argument," said Berry.

    Spencer's response to the critics?

    "Well to the critics I say this, if it wasn't for the Second Amendment and us being able to exercise it, you would not have the protection of your First Amendment to be up here and make that criticism," said Spencer.

    And finally a reminder, that just because there's less paperwork, doesn't mean there's less responsibility.

    "Just because there is no permit require to carry doesn't mean there's not liability for carrying a firearm, and you must know the laws that govern the use of force in the state of Oklahoma and where you cannot carry," said Fuson.

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