Grace Lutheran Church prays for return of stolen handbells

Church prays for return of stolen handbells (KTUL)

Members and ministers at Grace Lutheran Church are hoping the thief that stole their church handbells will return them.

“I would be glad to have them back and to pay a thousand dollars, no questions asked, to have the bells back and to have what we had before,” said Congregation President, Fred Hegenbart.

Pastor Christopher Hall says the church enjoyed the handbells during praise and worship Easter morning. But on Monday, they believe a thief snuck in and stole them.

“It’s hurtful they took advantage of a situation where they could walk away with our items, but we are happy nobody got hurt and we’d be happier if they’d return them,” said Hall.

The church estimates the loss at about $23,000, but even if they are insured, would still be deductibles and the hassle of replacing the bells.

The thief also stole hundreds of dollars in cash, from the offering and canceled checks.

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