Grand jury hearing evidence in Bixby sexual assault investigation

Rogers County District Attorney Matt Ballard leaves the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office Jan. 17, 2018. (KTUL)

The state multi-county grand jury is hearing evidence Wednesday in the Bixby sexual assault investigation, according to a source close to the investigation.

The district attorney in charge of the investigation was seen Wednesday at the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office where the grand jury is in session. Rogers County District Attorney Matt Ballard left the building shortly after 1 p.m. but declined to comment.

Neither the DA's office nor the AG's office will confirm what happened during the proceedings or even if the case is being heard because the meetings are conducted in secret and are not a matter of public record.

Ballard is leading an ongoing criminal investigation into the Bixby High School football team and an alleged sexual assault on a teammate. Court documents allege five juveniles on the team admitted to "various levels of participation" in the October assault, which reportedly occurred at the home of then-Superintendent Kyle Wood, who has since resigned amid the controversy.

Authorities have been working to determine whether any school district officials delayed reporting the incident or attempted to interfere with the ensuing law enforcement investigation.

The state multi-county grand jury has jurisdiction to investigate criminal matters in all 77 state counties. The grand jury will recommend an indictment when the evidence presented before them would, in their judgment, warrant a conviction during a trial, according to the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office.

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