Greenwood District making a comeback; new development on the horizon

    A once booming part of the city filled with businesses is making a much needed comeback. (KTUL)

    TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- The Greenwood District, a once-booming part of the city filled with businesses, is making a much-needed comeback.

    New development is in the works for the Greenwood District.

    If you take a walk down Greenwood you'll see a couple of restaurants, a hair salon and a popsicle shop.

    Michelle Blocker is the manager at Frio.

    "People are really responding to these pops, and they are fantastic," Blocker said.

    The location right on Greenwood is even better.

    "My great-grandmother actually owned an establishment on this street," Blocker said, but she says it was a different Greenwood in those days.

    "It is sad," Blocker said. "But I haven't lost hope that it will build back up."

    At one point, Greenwood had more than 300 businesses.

    Greenwood Chamber Director Rebecca Marks Jimerson says outside growth got in the way.

    "As time passed, the urban renewal came along, the freeway came and divided," Jimerson said.

    Not all hope is lost, however. Slowly but surely tenants are moving back.

    Soon, a mixed-use building will take over the empty parking lot at the corner of Greenwood and Archer. There will be offices, some retail shops and even a parking garage.

    "We will be able to attract great tenants and that is all in the reviving of Greenwood," Jimerson said.

    Great news for the many who believe this area to be a sacred part of Tulsa.

    "We will all help each other out; the more businesses that come will bring more business to us, it is a win-win for us," Blocker said.

    Construction on the building should start later this year.

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