Group to march 110 miles from Tulsa to Oklahoma City for education funding

Group to march 110 miles from Tulsa to Oklahoma City for education funding (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- Dozens of teachers, parents and students participated in the March for Education Wednesday making the 110-mile journey from Tulsa to Oklahoma City. They were walking to demand additional funding measures, many carrying signs to speak for Oklahoma students.

At every corner, the community cheered.

“This is just another example of the way in which folks are coming together to make their voices heard. It’s advocacy; it’s awesome," said Tulsa Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Deborah Gist.

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Putting their feet to the pavement for 100 miles, a seven-day journey, with many obstacles along the way.

Today, they plan to walk to Kellyville, “18 miles today but not tomorrow, because I have to work," said teacher Noreen Mohr.

Mohr has a second job but plans on finishing the last three legs of the march.

“Education and children are the future," said Mohr.

The group is divided into three groups based on their speed, and taking up the rear is Patricia Mott.

“We have to make public education what it needs to be," said teacher Mott. An educator for 35 years, she’s determined to get to Oklahoma City, even if her battery only lasts ten miles at a time.

“My husband will pick me up, then we’ll recharge and go again," said Mott.

“I'm having fun; I think it’s great," said Mott.

Down Route 66, the group is marching, hoping their signs and these honks are heard loud and clear.

The group is staying the night in area high schools along the way.

They should arrive in Oklahoma City on Tuesday, April 10.

Here's a breakdown of the march and where you can find them over the next week:

  • Wednesday, April 4: Webster HS to Kellyville HS 20.7 miles
  • Thursday, April 5: Kellyville HS to Bristow HS 17.3 miles
  • Friday, April 6: Bristow HS to Stroud HS 18.4 miles
  • Saturday, April 7: Stroud HS to Chandler HS 14.3 miles
  • Sunday, April 8: Chandler HS to Wellston HS 11.5 miles
  • Monday, April 9: Wellston HS to Jones HS 18.5 miles
  • Tuesday, April 10: Jones HS to Capitol 15.4 miles

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