Growth of Google paying off in huge way for Mayes County

    Growth of Google paying off in huge way for Mayes County (KTUL)<p>{/p}

    The growth of Google is paying off in a huge way for Mayes County.

    The Pryor Google campus will get a big chunk of the $13 billion national expansion that's planned by the internet giant.

    Pryor will get $600 million of that money, but the company has already changed the area.

    You don't have to look hard to find the Google campus in Pryor. You can see the construction cranes from miles away and the concrete building that are growing like weeds in the Mid-America Industrial Park.

    When all the work is done, Google will have a $3.6 billion investment in the area.

    The investment is already paying off for Pryor's next generation.

    The Mid-America Industrial Park is doing so well, it has donated $250,000 to every school district in the county.

    The money is for STEM labs like the one that's been created at Roosevelt Elementary in Pryor.

    Google has also multiplied the school district's tax base from $88 million to $550 million.

    Pryor has schools and facilities that rival anything in the Tulsa suburbs.

    Superintendent Dr. Don Raleigh said, "Our fourth, fifth and sixth graders have had an experience in robotics and digital learning kind of things and circuitry and all kinds of stuff, which excites them and hopefully gets them to pursue things down the road."

    The students in the STEM Lab were so engaged, they didn't pay any attention to the TV camera that was in the room recording their efforts.

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