Gubernatorial candidate Kevin Stitt’s non-existent voting record

Gubernatorial candidate Kevin Stitt’s non-existent voting record (KTUL)

MARLOW, Okla. (KTUL) - As we close in on Oklahoma's primary election, one of the leading candidates is facing questions about his personal voting record. Republican Kevin Stitt admitted he hasn't voted in recent elections for governor.

But Stitt said his campaign’s polling shows they are leading in the race.

He also confirmed they are first in fund raising and spending in the campaign.

He was in Marlow on Wednesday afternoon for a campaign stop at the West Wind Assisted Living Center that was open to the public.

Stitt received a warm welcome from the audience and no one asked him about the voting issue.

He's investing $1.3 million of his personal funds to win an election he hasn't voted in for years.

Sitt's reasoning for not voting: he says he is not a politician.

"I have been a lifelong Republican voter. I started my business with $1000 and a computer, and I know that Republican policies allowed me to live the American dream. If people think it's better to be a 10 by 10 voter versus growing a company to 1200 employees, then there are other guys in the race."

Stitt added he was often out of state working and was disconnected from politics. He also said he's voted in other elections including for President Trump.

He added that the fact that he's not political is why he's an alternative.

Stitt said he hopes the voters will judge him on his work resume and not his voting record.

West Wind resident Jimmy Williams said, "That don't worry me. I'm taking what this guy stands for to me today, and I'm gonna support him."

Tim Pollard of Duncan said he likes Stitt's background.

"I like the fact he's a businessman, which makes him a maverick in the political field. Which is what we need. Trump was that maverick," Pollard said.

Stitt said he backs President Trump.

He said he hopes the voters will judge him by his work resume, because the leadership provided by politicians hasn't worked for our state.

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