Heater repair calls skyrocket when cold weather kicks in

Heater repair calls skyrocket when cold weather kicks in (KTUL)

It's a good time to be in the heating business. Just ask Brian Rice, owner of Brian's Heat and Air in Tulsa.

"It picks up a lot right now," said Rice. "I work from eight in the morning to around 1:30 at night."

Keeping him in business are people like Karen Barron, who owns several rental homes in the area.

Karen was dressed in a hoodie because the heater was out in one of them on Thursday.

"For some reason, the electronic ignition isn't working," said Barron.

Heaters are a constant issue.

"Usually, every year, there's something you need to have checked," said Barron.

It's cold and wet outside, and you know more cold weather is on the way.

So you're inside now, and that heater is your lifeline.

And the Tulsa Fire Department knows when heaters get cranked up, they'll see more calls for heater-related fires.

"We do every year. We do every year," said Andy Little with the Tulsa Fire Department.

Little said you should have a professional come out.

"And inspect your heating system every year," said Little.

And not just because of their potential to become a fire hazard.

"As they age, they can develop issues. They can cause carbon monoxide leaks in your home with incomplete combustion," said Little.

Little said it's also a good idea to have your chimneys inspected once a year.

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