Henryetta WWII vet looks back on Pearl Harbor

    Henryetta WWII vet looks back on Pearl Harbor (KTUL)

    His name is Frank Lowry, and he's lived through things most of us will only read about.

    "I am a 97-year-old Okie. Born and raised," said Lowry.

    Lowry flew planes during World War II.

    "My mission was flying cargo aircraft. At that time, the world's largest twin engine transport airplane, the C-46," said Lowry.

    He said he and his crew made regular missions over what's known as the Hump.

    "The Hump is the Himalayas," said Lowry.

    The Hump was notorious for heavy storms. Firece storms pilots, until then, had never experienced.

    "It's one, big line of thunderstorms north to south, east to west and very broad," said Lowry. "If we were not flying in thunderstorms, it was a blessing to us."

    We asked him about Pearl Harbor Day.

    "I remember exactly where I was," said Lowry.

    Frank, then 18 and living in quiet Henryetta, was riding in a car with his best friend.

    "With the radio on. Of course, a kid 18 years old always has the radio on," said Lowry.

    The news of the attack on Pearl Harbor filled the speakers, and he knew from that moment on, somehow, he would be a part of what was to come.

    "We had a mission. We had an obligation. We had a duty," said Lowry.

    Lowry said he was in India when the war finally came to an end.

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