Committees approve budget bill with agency cuts, cash raids

The House Joint Committee on Appropriations and Budget approved the latest version of a budget bill Nov. 14. (KOKH/Jordann Lucero)

Oklahoma lawmakers have passed the latest bill designed to fill the state's budget through committee.

The Oklahoma House Joint Committee on Appropriations and Budget passed HB 1019x Nov. 14 with a vote of 17-13. The bill puts cuts of approximately 2.5 percent to most state agencies to make up revenue lost after a tobacco cessation fee was ruled unconstitutional.

The bill will use $23 million from the Rainy Day fund, $23 million in carryover funds and $60 million in revolving funds to fill the rest of the bill.

The Senate JCAB also took up the bill and passed it with a vote of 7-5. It will now move on to the full House and Senate.

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