House committee approves revived revenue package including rise in GPT

The House Joint Committee on Appropriations and Budget revived HB 1054X Nov. 7. (KOKH/Jordann Lucero)

An Oklahoma House committee has approved a revived revenue bill that includes a rise in the gross production tax.

The Oklahoma House Joint Committee on Appropriations and Budget revived HB 1054X Tuesday which includes a $1.50 cigarette tax increase, a six cent fuel tax increase, an alcohol consumption tax and an increase in the Gross Production Tax. The bill puts an increase of the tax of four percent for 36 months on new wells and two percent on legacy wells. After minor debate, the bill was approved with a 19-6 vote and now heads to the full House where it will require a supermajority vote.

The legislation previously stalled out in committee with an 11-11 vote. The Senate passed a bill with the exact same Monday, sending it to the House. State Rep. Jon Echols says taking up HB 1054 in this manner "removes all doubt as to constitutional process".

Governor Fallin issued the following statement on the passage of the bill:

“I appreciate Committee Chairman Kevin Wallace and Speaker Charles McCall for bringing this measure up for another vote, and I thank committee members for their bipartisan support of House Bill 1054X. I’m imploring Republican and Democratic House members to vote for this measure when it comes to a floor vote so that we help fill our budget hole for the current fiscal year as well as put Oklahoma on a more stable budget path. This bill allows us to address the funding of core services going forward. This also provides much-needed pay raises for public school teachers and includes pay raises for our hard-working state employees as well as tax relief for low-income Oklahomans. Let’s prove to Oklahomans that we can solve our difficult budget problem and move our state forward.”

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