How to buy the back-to-school essentials without emptying your wallet

Forking over money is common during this time. (KTUL)

Pencil, backpacks and glue sticks -- oh my! Back-to-school shopping is in full swing.

Many parents are no stranger to the hustle of finding the best school supply deals, but there are some headaches.

"What really kills me is every year we have to get scissors," said one Chouteau mom. "What happen to the scissors the year before?"

Forking over money is common during this time.

In fact, you'll pay 5 percent more this year. The National Retail Federation estimates more than $600 per household on back-to-school shopping. Some items you can expect to spend more on this year like clothing and technology.

So, how do you get what you need for your kid without breaking a sweat, or the bank?

"The best way to make it not stressful is to have a plan," said Kyna Leyva with CCK Strategies. "Really take inventory of what you currently have before you go start spending. So, you know that you're just buying what you need not just everything that's put in front of you."

Another good tip -- shop around. This is how you find the best deals.

"A dollar store is a great place to start, resell shops for clothes, a really great place to shop," said Leyva.

Don't feel like you need to get everything all at once. Get what they need to get through the first two months, then go back and see what else is needed.

Leyva adds parents shouldn't worry about missing out on deals. Often times the supply deals last right up until the first day of class.

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