Hustler Hollywood on path to open, Bishop Kelley not happy

Hustler Hollywood has plans to open a store near 41st & I-44, causing concern for several area businesses and Bishop Kelley High School. (Mummolo/KTUL)

The name is Hustler Hollywood, and whatever images that may conjure in your mind, for the purposes of legality, "This particular business has declared themselves as a regular retail business," said Tulsa city councilor Karen Gilbert.

And as such that clears the way for them to proceed with plans to open a location just across the highway from Bishop Kelley.

"It was our hope that they would have been reclassified as a sexual orientated business," said Father Gary Kastl, President of Bishop Kelley.

Had they been classified as a sexually oriented business (SOB), they would have been prohibited from operating within 1,000 feet of a school, making the location they've chosen off limits. It's a classification derived at by what's called the 10 percent rule.

"So 10 percent, if they have more than 10 percent adult items out on the floor for sale then they can be declared as a sexual oriented business," said Gilbert.

The city says they'll do an inspection before the store opens to determine that percentage, and once they open, should anyone in the public think they've crossed that threshold, they can file a complaint.

"To file any complaints as it relates to what is actually on their showroom floor," said Kastl.

As for the percentage of disappointment felt by Father Kastl, mark that as significantly higher than 10 percent.

"For the sake of the neighborhood but also for the sake of the young people who have impressionable minds, who pass day by, day by that store," he said.

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