Icy roads causing multiple crashes on Tulsa highways and streets

The Tulsa Police Department is working crashes in both the east and westbound lanes of the Keystone Expressway. (TPD)

Paramedics have responded to 19 weather-related crashes Tuesday and took nine people to area hospitals, according to EMSA.

Police and firefighters have responded to multiple crashes across the metro as road conditions deteriorated with a wintry mix that fell across parts of Green Country.

For several hours Tuesday afternoon, police were on Operation Slick Streets, responding only to injury crashes.

Reports are mostly in the downtown Tulsa area on Highway 75 and the north and south leg of the Inner Dispersal Loop.

Police are also responding to a crash involving an EMSA vehicle and two other cars near South Pine and Highway 75. One person was transported to a local hospital after this crash.

Right now police are working a rollover crash involving a vehicle on the west leg of the IDL right before the bridge going south on Hwy 75. There are no reports of injuries.

A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for much of northeastern Oklahoma until midnight. Light icing should be expected on roads, especially bridges and elevated surfaces.

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