Inside the Gathering Place: A sneak peek at Mist Mountain

This is a rendering of Mist Mountain courtesy of Gathering Place

As we near the final stretch before the opening of the Gathering Place there are still gems that few have really seen yet. You're getting a first look at Mist Mountain and what you can expect expect before fall.

Executive director Jeff Stava told us,"Mist Mountain is designed by the same company that designed the fountains inside the Bellagio Hotel."

Mist Mountain is still under construction and in the testing phase but soon it will be a whimsical part of park. Guests walking through what will be flowering trees and plants with walls on either side may notice new friends.

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"You have flying fish, little 9- to 10-inch jets of water that are kind of going next to you and over the top of you," said Stava.

"As you kind of look at the hill all those fish are flying to the top and landing in the top crucible. Then the crucible has these notches cut across the top of if and the water then flows back down and goes into the lower koi ponds at the bottom. So it just really will look like the water is flying to the top and then cascading back into the lower area," said Stava.

And that's just one of the many new things coming to Tulsa, thanks to a homegrown billionaire with a vision. George Kaiser graduated from Tulsa Public Schools, went on to Harvard and now serves many roles including president, CEO and primary owner of GBK Corporation, which owns Kaiser-Francis oil company.

The majority owner of BOK Financial also works through the George Kaiser Family Foundation to create equal opportunity for the Green Country community with a focus on children and education. Part of his vision for Tulsa includes, A Gathering Place for Tulsa, which brings with it the idea that Tulsa can do and be anything, just like its people.

The park promises to be a place where folks of all different ages and backgrounds can experience and learn something new every time they come, and it seems even Kaiser himself already has a few favorites in the park.

"One of the things that he's really love with is the water maze," said Stava.

He went on to explain this water feature aims to be exactly what it sounds like.

"It's got a really cool little uniquely shaped water walls that come up and the kids can run through it. There's seating all around the perimeter for parents," said Stava.

So, while mom and dad watch, the kiddos will enjoy trying to figure out what's next.

"This has water walls and it opens and closes little spaces that allow the kids to run through and then it changes the synchronization and the kids can run through a different way. So, it's a really fun water feature," said Stava.

And as for when we can all enjoy the promising splendor of the Gathering Place, Stava smiled and told us, "The end is in sight. Late summer 2018 we're gonna be opening. We're pretty excited."

I also asked Stava what's one of the things he likes in the park the most and he said, "One of my favorite architecturally is the Boathouse Roof. Eighty-eight different fiberglass composite panels that have been assembled and put together. And I think if we still had telephone books that would be our telephone book picture. I think it will be a real iconic look and feel for the park."

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