Is Brady Heights up next for a name change?

    Will the Brady Heights neighborhood be changing it's name in the wake of the Brady street and Brady theater name changes? (Mummolo/KTUL)<p>{/p}

    "Easily ten years," said State Rep. Regina Goodwin. That's how long she's been advocating for a name change of the neighborhood she resides in.

    "I don't even feel comfortable saying that I live in this, with saying the name," she said.

    A name that's now scheduled to be stricken from a street, a building, and quite possibly, the neighborhood where the man himself once lived.

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    "It's definitely possible. There's a good chance. We've talked about it in the past many times," said resident Dani Widell. She's on the board of the neighborhood association.

    "It could mean a name change, yeah, to honor those that have really strong feelings about it," she said.

    "Honestly, if the name of something is offensive and troubling to any group that's been maligned or disrespected or treated poorly historically, then what difference does it make? It's just a name," said resident Tim Williams.

    "I vacillate on changing names, not just here but all over the country," said resident Scott Trizza. He says he's open to a name change.

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    "I suggest Hope Heights after John Hope Franklin," he said.

    But at the same time, Franklin holds the slippery slope perspective.

    "He just seems to be the one singled out when you know there was 300 more people who were members of the clan. I mean, if you weren't a card-carrying member back in those days, you couldn't do business," he said.

    It's the waning days of the name Brady, from distinction to dustbin.

    "We can work through it; we just gotta have the right mindset and get it going," said Goodwin.

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